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The Zoom project was created in order to provide a platform for young artists producing contemporary Israeli art to express their talent and to assist them in their professional development. The participating artists in Zoom 2016 are a select group of graduates from a wide range of art schools from all over Israel, who have completed their BFA or MFA degrees during the years 2014-2015. 


Liberation Movement- mixed media

The sculpture is a merger of thoughts in the current political stage. It seeks, through manipulated images and symbols, to decipher the relation between liberty, democracy and violence by those who are left out of the circle of the privileged. It is also about despair, about the giving up on responsibility for liberty and equality.

And finally, it offers a link between an icon, and the actual existence we live in.

PDF catalogue (partial)

Zoom 2016 | Young Israeli artists

Curators: Ghila Limon and Tal Bechler

Anna Ticho House, The Israel Museum

Jerusalem 2016

Press here to see the making of this project.

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