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Uganda bar, Tel Aviv

Black Box | Artworks on billboards, Jerusalem 09/2016 

Jerusalem, 2016

Art Fair Fresh Paint #8, 2016 

Fabrica de Arte Cubano , Havana Cuba 2016

Night wonders, a tribute to 2OO1 Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick, Tel Aviv Cinematheque 2017 

Petach Tikva Museum, 2014

Berlin, 2014

Petach Tikva Museum of Art, 2014

Colder, part of BFA thesis show 'Study Case', Jerusalem 2009

carved wax and wood 2014

screen Saver, vinyl film layers on Formica, 2008

RGB, digital print over acrylic board 2015

It was almost touching, a projection over canvas, subwoofer and LED lights, 2008

Lushes, round mirrors, subwoofers and artificial hair, BAAD Reservoir 2013

Bare, 2012

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