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Driven by thoughts of emotional cinematic representations, my interest in Universal studios started from an attraction to the word itself. I found myself repeatedly watching the studio's intro, how it burst into the screen from behind earth, surrounding it, until finally stabilising in front of us the viewers.  Looking over and over this action, that graphically and conceptually evolved so much since the early days of the company, made me somehow uncomfortably feel that the logo is spinning around me. Gazing out of my studio window, I imagined it crossing my skyline, in its reversed side.

I paused it right on the moment that it reveals itself, to realise I’m left with the letter U. It immediately represented for me the idea of the other, of ‘YOU’, the projection of ourselves on others. Which is also the theme of the piece Take Two- a kissing scene from Hitchcock’s Vertigo, in which I separated the charachters from one another, and rejoin them by the usage of two projectors.

'In a broken dream' is enchanted by the magic images are, and full of admiration to cinema. In the same time it questions our subjective existential experience throughout cinematic filters that generates our thinking methods.

In a broken dream | MFA thesis show, 2015

Bezalel academy 

Part of the research for In a broken dream project


Take Two, documentation of the work in action


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